Amit Bhadana Biography Income, Friends, GF’s, House, Family and Success Story

Amit Bhadana Biography Income, Friends, GF's, House, Family and Success Story
SUBSCRIBERS - 1,950,697 (15 Nov)
VIDEO VIEWS - 130,412,120
CHANNEL TYPE - Entertainment
USER CREATED - Oct 24th, 2012

Amit Bhadana Biography - Amit Bhadana is an Indian comedy YouTube Star and fastest growing YouTuber of India. Amit born on 27 September 1994.His Father name is Narendra Bhadana.He belongs to Delhi and he makes his videos on Haryana’s language and Delhi language. He has a circle of Friends who made their videos more awesome by their Supernatural Acting especially Ria Mavi.

He has earned more than 2 Million subscribers in November 2017  on his youtube channel and he has taken place in the hearts of millions of viewers due to his comedy and wonderful dialogues.

He publishes his videos on Instagram, Youtube, and Facebook. He has got so much fame and followers through his creativity. He has good looks and his most of the videos are based on girls vs boys videos. Where he brings so many creative ideas.

Amit Bhadana Social Media Coverage

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Childhood Story

Amit was on the list of one of those boys who always crack a joke in the class to make his friends and teachers laugh.Sometimes as he told he was punished for this. As he said "Aap Saare Master Nu Joke Nhi Faad sakte".He does not want to start his YouTube channel.

How Amit Bhadana Started His YouTube Channel?

As BB (Bhuvan Bam), Amit also posted a dubbed video on his Facebook.After that, he got a lot of like and good comments.Then he created his Facebook page and started posting dubbed videos time to time and also starts getting views on it.After then his friends told him to make vines on YouTube but He refused that he doesn't want to show his face to people.But after convincing more and more.Amit Finally shoots his first vine and posted on YouTube.The first Video response was better and then the success story begins.Now Everyone Know him and Every Video of Him crosses millions.

Amit Bhadana  Most Famous dialogue

"Master Bhi Kah de Ise na Padhana
Naam hai iska Amit Bhadana"


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